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Wenzhou valve a boom in exports for the first two months of this year


Exports in the first two months this year, the wenzhou valve lasted for 2012 years of good growth, good start. According to the statistics of inspection and quarantine bureau of wenzhou, January and February, wenzhou valve products exports amounted to 2216 group, $89.275 million, year-on-year, batch, value increased by 27.5% and 27.5% respectively. Valve export continuously rapid growth, mainly from the following several aspects:

1, in wenzhou valve products strong anti-risk ability. Export valves for industrial use more common valves in wenzhou, mostly for large industrial projects, assembly line, affected by the economic situation is not big. And after years of development, the increasingly mature industry chain, competitive advantages, in recent years, sustained rapid growth can be follow.

2,Dominate the market remained stable. According to statistics, exports of the top ten countries and regions, its value is $46.384 million, accounting for 52% of the total two months ago. Compared with the same period in 2012, batch and value increased by 20.5% and 47.6% respectively over the previous year, and the top ten list of countries and regions and sorting basic remained stable.

3,Valve business to return to the real economy. January and February 327 export products production enterprises in wenzhou, companies has increased by 16% year-on-year. More entrepreneurs want to regain confidence in the real economy, in order to get rid of the enterprise capital turnover generated by the vortex, will shift the center of gravity back to operating the valve business in succession.